Piling Contractors | Firmapile

• Trading for over 36 years

• We have clients across South Africa. Our head office is in Pretoria, Gauteng.

• We specialize in Underpinning/Piling and jacking to stabilise structures.   

• Our system can be preventative to stabilise compromised structures and used as    an initial foundation solution before construction.

• HomepileAfrica uses our  jacking system as a remedial and restorative method to
   jack and restore buildings that have collapsed. Jacking has since become a
   standard practise to stabilise buildings that have cracked.

• Our "Open Trench" Piling, which is for new foundations, can be used in all types    of soils, for a sound foundation.

Services Offered

Jacking Foundations

Piling by means of jacking foundations

Open Trench Piling

For extensions or new foundations.

Clustering Of Piles

Clustering of piles for specified loads

About our piling system

The use of piles to support structures is common practice, but is hampered by the standard means of pile driving.

The nature of standard piling equipment prevents piles being driven beneath existing structures and in small spaces.

The use of HomepileAfrica’s revolutionary equipment allows 165mm diameter steel piles to be placed in small and restricted areas as well as in difficult conditions.